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Kanye West shouts out Beyonce on stage and had an interesting rant last night in London. He decided to dig up the whole Taylor Swift Grammy thing but then decided to say ‘I have love for everyone’.
We admire the fact he speaks from the heart and makes a valid point about certain pop artist getting more support then urban. He makes Justin Timberlake as an example as a person that was allowed to perform for 10 minutes at the Grammies and asks why? Fair point Miguel got 2 minutes?? But having said that Beyonce took over the whole off Superbowl? and JT is a massive star and this was his first really big comeback performance too.
Kanye also last night on stage said this about Justin’s current single:,
“I got love for Hov, but I aint f**king with that suit & tie”
Justin Timberlake has worked his ass off since N-Sync days, with 2 incredible solo albums packed of hits. He is currently number 1 in the UK with Mirrors, so the proof is in the pudding, we think Kanye went in on the wrong person this time!
The show itself is visually beautiful and quite something!
In other news it’s been reported Kanye and Kim are having a baby girl, congrats guys!

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