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Nicki Minaj is not playing around in her latest video ‘High School’ featuring her mentor Lil Wayne. The 2 are seen getting very up close and personal in the vid, with Nicki being very playful in bed with Weezy, we hope her man didn’t mind!
We caught up with her on Capital FM this week and had to ask about the infamous bedroom scenes and here is what she had to say… We have to love her honesty!

‘It felt like a dream. It just felt so sensual. So it’s not like I was there getting turned on because we were acting and trying to get a shot. No but the thing is I do think Wayne is frigging sexy as hell so it’s weird.’

Nicki also went on to talk about the her revealing swimsuit ‘Well literally the day of the video I got these amazing bathing suits and I tried like five bathing suits on right after I put my make-up on and I was like “Woah this one has given me major you know ass crack” and I thought it was kind of cute.’ and also how the director got her to do a certain shot whilst she was in the jacuzzi… you all know which one we mean!
‘so we were in the jacuzzi and the guy like the director and the lighting director, they were like “now do a shot where you’re coming out slowly to reveal” but they wouldn’t say what they really wanted me to reveal. They were like “so just do a slow reveal out of the jacuzzi Nicki” and I’m like “yeah right ok”. I knew that would be a nice eye-candy type of shot but I think it’s nice.’

You can hear the interview in full this Sunday from 7pm on Capital!

Here is the video along with the explicit version but be warned Nicki has her ass out almost fully!

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