July 12th, 2013 - FILED UNDER | music, random rants

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It seems as though Azaelia Banks is constantly having an arguments over twitter with someone and it’s just getting boring now. Her latest one is with singer Lily Alen which started when a person tweeted her a very old status update from the brit. Take a look below how the argument unfolded between the two artists…

Azaelia Banks Lily Twiter 1

Azaelia Banks Lily Twiter 2


Azaelia Banks Lily Twiter 4azealia banks twitter lily alenAzaelia Banks Lily Twiter 5

Azaelia Banks Lily Twiter 6azealia lily alen twitter

Azaelia Banks Lily Twiter 7

Lily was right and Azaelia does have a new single featuring Pharrell Williams called “ATM Jam” which they will shoot the video to very soon in Europe. It’s just a shame that most of the time her music gets overshadowed by all the negativity she spreads online!

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